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Blind Drive Motor


Lithium battery electric smart blind drive motor by bluetooth APP control

Window blind drive motor

Chain blind drive motor   Window shade drive motor
Blind driver   Blind drive motor

Open the Bluetooth before using the App.
Easily install and setup Blinds Drive Motor in minutes. Works with any plastic beaded chain or metal beaded chain that is looped.
Automate your existing blinds, shades, curtains in the simplest and most cost-effective way.
Motor can set upper & bottom limit positions and limits can be saved even when power off. And motor speed can be adjustable on APP. Simply add motorized shades to your smart home with Smart Blinds Drive Motor!
Solar Panel or Li-battery Charging,save more money and energy with the solar panel charging
Control your new smart blinds directly with Smartphone App or its intuitive Touch Strip controls

Custom Schedules& Accurate Timer Setting: Set schedule and timer of your blinds independently. Also strengthen smart control with light sense automatic identification pipeline,including single control, group control, as well as slow start and slow stop control. Even set custom schedules and accurate timers throughout the day, week and month and choose from winter mode to summer mode as your requirements. Also 6 different scenes are free to be added.

Compatible with a variety of shades, blinds, curtains, and drapes with the new update manual.
One APP can control several blinds,but one blinds can not be controlled by several phones at the same time.
Free App control is just a way to control.For the old,they may just press the UP/DOWN button on the motor itself to control without using App.

Bluetooth is a must to connect the device.


Total product weight: 596g
Motor size: 16.5*4.2*3.8cm/6.496*1.654*1.496in
Solar panel size: 18.5*3.5cm
3C rated voltage range: 440V and below
Battery life: 100,000
Start mode: button control phone control
color: White
Housing material: PC

Open the Bluetooth before using the App.

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